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Our Services

With hundreds of years of combined experience, our brokers and advisors provide world class service in all areas of the market with our primary focus on wealth accumulation and preservation, risk management, and privacy.


Bern Müller managed accounts are designed for high net worth clients who do not wish to be involved in the day to day investment decisions and believe in the reliability of the Bern Müller investment strategies. Strategies are individually structured by our experienced advisors based on a client’s needs, goals, and risk tolerance.


Bern Müller advisory accounts are designed for the market savvy client who wishes to make their own investment decisions. Clients with advisory accounts place buy and sell orders with a dedicated Bern Müller broker and maintain access to global markets as well as our proprietary research.


Offshore investment accounts allow high net worth clients the flexibility and accessibility necessary to thrive in the current global economic environment. Access to diverse markets and a wider array of opportunities, tax deferment and flexibility, and financial privacy are only just a few of the advantages to investing in a jurisdiction outside of one’s own residence.